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The TAG.WERK is the first DIY bar in Germany - here in the beautiful city of Wiesbaden. Basically, we take up the topic "DIY" - Do It Yourself. This has been extremely trending in recent years. Workshops, internet tutorials, craft shops and creative fairs are more popular than ever - but you know that, who doesn't yet own a piece of furniture made out of repurposed wood?

Get out of the daily grind and create something yourself. The focus here is sustainability (careful use of resources), individuality and creating a balance against the everyday work life. 


Now comes the clou! We offer you a whole project menu! Here we have thought of everything you need and put together all materials, tools and instructions for you. Get creative! Whether jewelry out of cement, coasters or a six-pack beer holder, there is something for everyone! Just take a peek under "Project Menu". We garantee everyone, regardless of whether they are skilled craftsmen or not, to be able to take their individually manufactured product home with them after the specified period of time (1 - max. 3 hours). And the best of all: you don't have to make a mess at home and clean up after! No appointment needed - just walk in and get started!

This whole thing is connected to a café/bar area, because "work" can make you thirsty! We offer a variety of Gin, wine, beer and cocktails. We have paid particular attention  to regionality and sustainability of the beverages we serve.



The TAG.WERK is a meeting place for people, who want to create something with their own hands again, away from mass consumption, following the motto: “DO IT YOURSELF!“


Our concept is aimed primarily towards adults. Since the TAG. WERK also serves alcoholic beverages, we believe it is better to offer special events for children. That is why we have an afternoon once a month just for kids! During this time, we offer projects, that are specifically tailored towards "our little ones".

The parents are, of course, allowed to help, but we think it's awesome, when the kids are given the possibility to do it all by themselves - this makes the sense of achievement even greater :)

This educational experience is supervised by David - who, before his time at TAG.WERK, was a child care assistant director and is therefore well prepared for a small gang of rascals! 

Just have a look at the Project Menu and our calendar! There are different options for different age groups.


We believe it is important to give something back to the community. That is why we organise monthly an afternoon dedicated to people in our society with particular needs (e.g. disabled people, Refugees welcome!, etc.). Here we would like to support a different social organisation and offer groups (up to 15 people) an afternoon free of charge (with the exception of drinks). We take our time solely for the respective group, so everything can be made in a relaxing and peaceful environment. The projects can be, if necessary, adapted to different degrees of difficulty.

You have or are currently working for a social organisation and think our concept is great? Then feel free to contact us!


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